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In a world where faith doesn’t work like it used to and we are tempted to think that the sky is falling, our mission, and God’s call, are to live according to the lifestyle of Jesus. Our mission must become a style. That is the purpose of this blog. Welcome!

We are living in a period of radical change, where what has served as the foundation of the Christian faith has not only become outdated, but unbelievable. What will then become of our religion? Will it disappear? Or will it, too, change? After two millennia of history, it has experienced changes before. It has not yet disappeared, and if the Spirit of God still remains with us, it will not disappear this time either.

The main goal of this blog, and of my research, is to reflect on the question of what form Christian faith and life and mission will take for the next generation. I am far from having a definitive answer (I actually don’t believe there will be a single definitive answer), but I have an insatiable curiosity to ask difficult questions and seek answers.

Il me semble que ce qui importe pour la suite, ce sera que les chrétiens, et surtout les communautés chrétiens, vivent selon le style de vie de Jésus – dont le titre de cet article, et l’objet principal de ma réflexion théologique. Comment vivre comme Jésus? Pourquoi vivre comme Jésus? Et ce style de vie, est-il différent de ce que fait l’Église aujourd’hui? Où de ce qu’elle fait depuis 2000 ans? Comment la mission chrétienne peut-elle se résumer à quelque chose d’aussi simple?

It seems to me that what will matter going forward is that Christians, and especially Christian communities, live according to the lifestyle of Jesus – which gives us the title of this article and the main subject of my theological reflection. How do we like Jesus? Why live like Jesus? And is this lifestyle any different from what the Church is doing today? Or from what it has been doing for the past 2000 years? How can the Christian mission be reduced to something so simple?

If these questions haunt you as they do me, welcome aboard. Fasten your seatbelts, we’re heading to a foreign land, and there may be turbulence during the trip…


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