A Christmas Present

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I’m really exited today to release a prayer journal Android app that I’ve written!

The main screen

Download on Google Play

I started working on it a few years ago, but once it got to the point that it met my own needs, I moved on to other things and never finished the project. But recently I realised that it worked well enough that others could get some value from it, and I’ve also been pondering ways to use prayer to help others get to know God… so I spent some time this Christmas break to fill in the features necessary to publish it.

At this point it’s a beta version : there are a few small bugs, and the onboarding interface isn’t as pretty as I’d like, but otherwise it’s functional! And a beta needs testers, so if you’re interested, please give it a try and send me feedback.

If you have a creative side, I need two big contributions:

  1. An app icon that isn’t ugly

  2. A better name for the app!

The person (or people) who contribute these two things will win all of the renown that can come from a blog that nobody reads! ;)

At the moment, the app has two suggested prayer lists, but if anyone wants to contribute others, that could also be helpful to the other users.

One final word, I plan to publish the source under the GPL3, so if development interests you, let me know.

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