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Cohabitat Québec

A quick parenthesis today. I’ve recently thought a lot about the absence of community in our context, what a real community would look like, etc.

So when I saw the description of this report from Pas banal, la vie, a radio show on Radio-Canada, it piqued my curiosity. It’s about Cohabitat Québec, a condo development built around living in community. About a hundred people live in apartments and town houses, with common living spaces and regular community activities. Personally, I find this really attractive, and I find it looks a bit like Acts 2, just without the Jesus part. The church could draw a lot of inspiration from this model, and it clearly demonstrates that there is a hunger for community among the people around us.

If you understand French, it is really worth the 18 minutes.

Listen on Radio-Canada : Cohabitat Québec : une communauté de voisins dans un village urbain

Update : I ran across a video giving an overview of Cohabitat, it’s shorter and more accessible than the audio, though the audio report goes into more depth.

Link : Cohabitat Québec web site.

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