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Voisinage BBQ

Last night we had our first official activity for the Voisinage: a community BBQ. In all about 40 people came, including members of the ministry, their friends, and some perfect strangers. It was a good star to the year, and I think everyone enjoyed themselves, but for me the most encouraging moment was a little experience a friend told me about:

He lives in the Voisinage, and the week before he was walking in the street. Without knowing it he walked past one of the houses we set up together. Two of the girls who live there saw him out the window, and they invited him to visit. The three of them wound up having lunch together

It seems like nothing at all, but for me it was an affirmation of the whole Voisinage project. When we live in close proximity, we wind up bumping into each other, unexpectedly spending time together, and developing natural relationships and community. It’s a small step in the road of the reintegration of our lives.

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