Québécois aren't looking for community

The student ministry of Power to Change in Canada is currently pivoting our approach to evangelism, putting more emphasis on relational ministry instead of “random” evangelism in public places (cafeteria questionnaires, large-scale surveys, etc). On the one hand, this is an important and necessary change to our ministry. In the past we have put so much emphasis on randoms that we’ve neglected a relational approach which is often much more effective in the Canadian context.

Reaching Three Types of People at the Same Time

This year at Power to Change, Université Laval, we are trying to reorient our activities to serve three audiences: The committed Christian, who wants to grow in their faith and maybe even help others to know Jesus, the young adult who grew up in the church, but who is asking himself whether this faith is really for him, and the student who has never known faith. We want to offer a space where each of these people feels comfortable to share their questions, struggles, joys and victories.